Independent Financial advice

Independent Financial advice

Raw Finance Investment Blog

Welcome to the Rawfinance blog. We will link you to experienced independent financial advisors (IFA) in the London area.

Whether starting out with investments or looking for advice, we know how much information can seem overwhelming at times. With this in mind, we started this blog to connect you to the correct financial advisors for your area. These advisors are independent and have access to all financial providers giving you the best advice and the fullest range of products available. All investment classes are covered. These include pensions, mortgages, Savings and investments.




Within southeast london, Bromley Retirement Advice has many experienced finance advisors for the north Kent area.

Other pensions links: – to locate an IFA.



There are many different savings classes and options. Depending on your averseness to risk, they pay minimal profits but almost guaranteed returns to very good interest but no promises.

Tax free savings are available in a few forms such as Cash ISA’s, savings certificates and Child trust funds

The NS&I has a range of tax free products but an IFA will be able to give you information on all your requirements

Other forms of savings

There are a myriad of savings available such as bank accounts, isas (fixed rate, easy access), regular savings, fixed rate savings and easy access savings. There are no end of lenders supplying these products and financial consultants trying to sell them as you are well aware from all the adverts and the sales tactics if entering a bank